Succession Planning  --

In working with closely-held businesses, we find that many business owners fail to plan for the continuation of the business in the event that one or more of the business owners is no longer able to continue working.  Although this is a highly sensitive and sometimes emotional planning endeavor, failing to plan can eliminate one of the more significant assets of a business owner's estate and, depending on the size of the business, can result in substantial Federal estate taxes.  We guide businesses and their owners in designing a plan that transfers the business to family members or other business owners at targeted times, including death, disability or retirement.  Succession planning documents may include a buy-sell agreement, an employee stock ownership plan or the establishment of an entity that facilitates gifting of ownership interests to the future business owners. 

Tax Representation --

We represent clients before the IRS regarding Federal income, payroll and estate tax issues and before the North Carolina Department of Revenue regarding income, payroll, franchise and sales and use tax issues. 

Ms. Sprunger is enrolled to practice before North Carolina courts and the United States Tax Court.  In complex cases, Ms. Sprunger teams up with an experienced litigator to ensure that her clients' interests are represented both from business and tax aspects of the dispute, as well as from the evidentiary and presentation aspects of the dispute.

Estate Planning --

Estate planning impacts people of all ages, especially individuals in transition.  If you are getting married, having a child, having your children graduate to the next level of their lives, moving or have moved to North Carolina from another State, or are recently widowed or divorced, we can assist you in planning for the disposition of your assets and help you choose and document who will assist with your financial and health care decisions in the event that you are unable to do so.

We can assist you in designing and choosing the appropriate estate plan for you, your family, your pets and your businesses.

Contact Number:  919-650-1430

Estate Administration (Probate) --

When a loved one dies, the loss can be traumatic.  When that loved one handled a large portion of the financial decisions, it can be even more so.  If your loved one named you as their Executor or Executrix in a Will or your loved one died without a Will, we can guide you through the estate administration process and prepare documents that you will need to file with the County Clerk of Court.

When administration of an estate results in a dispute over the validity of the Will or the interpretation of Will or trust provisions, we attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiation and diplomacy.  However, when litigation arises in the administration of an estate or a trust, Ms. Sprunger partners with an experienced litigator to represent her client's interests befor a judge and/or jury.

We also assist clients with filing ancillary probate proceedings, preparing trust accountings, advising trustees regarding administration issues, bringing or defending creditor claims against an estate, and handling business transfer issues incident to the administration of an estate.

Business Law Consulting  --

We primarily represent closely-held small and medium-sized businesses (and their owners) in connection with the formation, operation and transfer of their business, including consulting on the tax implications of such transactions.  Such transactions include:

  • Entity formation
  • Entity selection
  • Federal tax entity classification
  • Contract preparation and/or review
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Business owner buyout/redemptions
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Sale or transfer of business and/or business assets

Tax Consulting --

We provide transaction planning and advice in numerous areas of taxation, including income tax, estate tax, sales and use tax, property tax, franchise tax and employment tax to individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, C corporations, S corporations, nonprofit organizations, trusts and estates.  Ms. Sprunger has tax experience working with the taxpayer service and audit divisions in the Internal Revenue Service, as a Senior Tax Manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers, as the tax director of a large consolidated group of corporations and partnerships conducting business in 48 states, and as an attorney with a large North Carolina firm, focusing her practice on business, tax and estate issues.