Do you get tired of getting screened out when you need professional assistance?  It is definitely one of my pet peeves.  Whenever possible, I answer my own telephone, return calls and messages promptly, and stay in communication with my clients regarding the status of their cases.

I began my tax career with the IRS in 1974.  Since that time, I have worked as a Certified Public Accountant with "Big Eight" accounting firms and in industry.  In 1997, I began practicing law in private practice.  My diverse experience has provided me with opportunities to work with large and small businesses, as well as individuals and nonprofit organizations, in a number of accounting and legal arenas.


Because of my extensive tax background and experience, first as a CPA and then as an attorney, I can coordinate your financial, business and estate planning needs to ensure the cohesiveness of your overall planning objectives. 




Contact Number:  919-650-1430

I am dedicated to problem solving for my clients.  My parents were small business owners and entrepreneurs with limited educational opportunities.  In light of that background, I am ever mindful of being efficient in providing practical legal services to my clients.